Turing Adventure working again! New version just released

Some time ago the chatbot server stopped working, and Turing Adventure with it.
I have taken advantage of the situation and changed the way in which the game communicates with the server, releasing a new version. Outages like this one should not happen again in the future with this new version. If you want to play the game again, or you want to show it to someone, go ahead and download it again.

Now that I was at it, I took the opportunity to throw some love to the game. The intro is now controllable by the user and don’t jump to the game automatically.

New intro interface

In the prison scene, I have solved some bugs, tweaked the interface and added some small features. For example, the chat bubbles now have distinctive styles and a busy animation, and; the description bubble is now visible when you are chatting with a robot. I think this will help newcomers a lot.

Busy animation

I am still working on a full featured game when I don’t have a more pressing project (I work as a freelance), but I’m not going very fast. I’m trying to figure out a more efficient way to work in the game, and coming back from time to time to the jam version to test new features is an interesting option.

You can download Turing Adventure from Game Jolt:

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