Dynamic Color Correction, manage your color curves in Unity

When working on a game, sometimes you confront a problem for which there is no easy solution, and you need to do some research and work to build your own one. Because sharing is loving, I thought it would be nice make those solution into Store Assets. Although publishing takes patience and quite some work, I found the experience very rewarding.

Today, I want to share one of those asset that I have published in the store: Dynamic Color Correction.

As you can tell from previous post, I like quite a lot adding camera effects to my scenes. They often bring the deep and professional look that is not easily achieved with just the geometry and normal lighting.

Unity’s Standard Assets comes with a useful effect for that, called Color Correction Curves. It’s quite complete and for the most part, it does the job. But I found that the effect does not allow you to dynamically change its configuration. So, if you set some color curves for your scenes, you cannot switch to other ones, unless you perform some serious hacking of the asset.

Say that you want to switch your curves from orange-ish color in the day to a bluish color in the night, like in this example (you can watch a video of this example here):

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

Or that you need to swich from a gray color palete to a saturated one, like this nice user explains in a comment in the store page:

All I wanted to do was simply transition from a black & white world into a world full of color via scripting. I figured standard Unity would let me do this easily. I was wrong. This FREE asset lets me do just that in a VERY straightforward way. Thank you for sharing this, Corta Studios!

Asset Store Comment

Enter our asset: Dynamic Color Correction. The asset manages Unity 5 Color Correction Curves image effect, adding more features. It’s let you define two different set of curves, visually, using the editor. Then you can interpolate between those two curves dynamically using the editor, and on runtime from your own scripts or GUI controls.
Please visit the Store page to download the asset. You can find further instructions on how to use it and more examples there. You can also play with a demo scene here, where you have a scene with two curve sets predefined (A and B) and switch from one to another with an UI.

The asset has a five stars average rate and have downloaded quite well for the past year. And, it’s free! Check it out!

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